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Robert Bellamy creates cutting-edge landscapes that are designed to be in sync with the architecture of the home. “The greatest compliment that any client can give me is to say that it looks like it has always been there,” he says.


Robert Bellamy exited college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Arts, however his tendency towards architecture was always tantamount to anything he was interested in doing. The bending of graphic design and architectural environments lent him to what he loves the most – being outdoors.


For the past 30 years, Bellamy has been enhancing houses and clients' lifestyles with an overall unique environment to their homes.


Bellamy, who established his residential design-build firm in 1981, likes to create landscapes that are “more artistic with a sense of surprise.” In Dallas, where the company is based, that means infusing tradition with modern planning plans. “People here love to do ‘safe’ styles,” he says. “I like breaking out.”


In his signature style, garden rooms flow into each other. “I have found that exaggerating the scale of patios or openings to the next areas or even outdoor constructed elements tends to give my work a distinct aura,” he says.


Bellamy has worked on numerous projects over the years, including the Marfa Hill House, an exquisitely updated adobe home offering beautiful views and gorgeous amenities.


The firm does everything from planning to construction to installation, and Bellamy gets inspiration from walking the site with his clients. “I physically act out some of the aspects of the design layout,” he says.

“From unusual plants to recycled architectural pieces, there’s an element of the unexpected in my work. I strive to take the architectural style of the site and ground it into the landscape.”


 – Robert Bellamy, owner